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We are media experts with decades experience working in media.  We're unique in that we have real experience as journalists developing angles, creating stories and this enables us to get our clients major media coverage in high profile publications - magazines, newspapers, radio, online and television.

Our Clients

From home builders to landscape designers, furniture stores, building products, architects, bathroom and kitchen designers we have worked with the best.  We have also worked inhouse at Vogue Living, Home Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, GQ, Elle and many more.  We've created partnerships for our clients with major television programs including House Rules, The Block and others.

Why Choose us

We get fantastic results and we keep getting them. Our client's media coverage never stalls, they are featured in the media consistently.  As journalists we are able to develop a wide range of angles and partnership ideas which ensure our clients are constantly in the media.  Our clients are constantly in top magazines, on radio, in newspapers, in home and design sites; on radio and on major television program. We also secure coverage in major international media. 

Why Media Coverage

Media Coverage versus Advertising

There’s an old saying:  "Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for."

Are you, like many companies, spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising? Be it magazine, newspaper, radio, online or television advertising.

Advertising, paid media, is a good strategy but it's very expensive and people who are reading publications, listening to the radio and watching television know that your ad is paid for and they turn off.  In fact the majority of consumers loathe advertising and actively avoid them.

Media coverage (earned media), articles written by journalists and television and radio programs created by producers, on the other hand offers your company massive credibility.  The audiences know that the journalist or producer has researched and is endorsing you.  

Being included in magazines, newspapers on radio, online and on television is extremely valuable because of the credibility. Your story has more credibility because it was independently verified by a trusted third party, rather than purchased.

The idea is the believibility of an article versus an advertisement, says Michael Levine, a well- known publicist and author of the book, Guerilla P.R.  

Depending on how you measure and monitor, an article it is between 10 times and 100 times more valuable than an advertisement.

A study by Nielsen on the  role of content in the consumer decision-making process concluded that  PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising.

With advertising, you tell people how great you are.  With publicity,  others sing your praises.  Which do you think is more effective?

So if you are spending a considerable portion of your marketing budget on advertising it's time for a rethink.  It's not an easy task securing media coverage.  It's very time consuming and journalists can be fierce and disinterested.  

That is why you retain a media specialist like us and, importantly, one that has considerable experience as a journalist.  

Who better to pitch to a journalist than a journalist?  


Industry Innovations

Build Your Own Walls


This brilliant new product from EverBlock Systems enables non handy people including renters to easily build their own walls and take them down when desired.  How fabulous is this!  


Weekend Walls


Weekend Walls, an authentic wood finish that gives soul to modern design. It’s made from the highest-quality reclaimed wood that you can  easily install yourself in a single weekend. All you have to do is peel  and stick to apply. Completely change the look of a room – and fit it in  between brunch and date night!  https://weekendwalls.com/

Outside Wall Paper


Innovative Australian company, Grafico, can even produce ‘outdoor wallpaper’ to bring outdoor spaces to  life. The specially developed product is vinyl not paper based and  over-laminated to ensure the print is hard-wearing and scratch and fade  resistant. Our HP latex print technology uses inks specially developed  for outdoor use ensuring the print stays looking amazing in years to  come even in Australia’s harsh conditions.  https://www.grafico.com.au

Escape fires and natural disasters quickly with the use of this elevator


The Nerigo Evacuation Elevator is perfect for people who live in  apartments or condos, or work in high-rise office buildings. It’s  designed to operate as an elevator, but without using any electricity.


PR Versus Advertising

Hiring the Right Agency

"We've Tried PRs before but Didn't Get Great Results"

We hear you!   In fact if we had a dollar for every time a company told us that....

Did you know that a typical PR consultancy only dedicates around 10% of their activities on media relations (securing media coverage)?  The rest is spent on social media, copywriting, events, promotions and other as per the diagram opposite. 

A typical PR consultant does not have any experience in journalism.  They usually get a communications degree or start as an admin or junior.  They have little knowledge and no experience of how to develop an angle, undertake research, secure talent  and create a story.  

Journalists also can have a less than favourable attitude towards PR.  This makes pitching to a journalist intimidating for most PRs.  

At Home Improvement Media we have many years experience as journalists and have worked in-house at major magazines such as Vogue, Vogue Living, GQ, Home Beautiful, Elle, Better Homes and Gardens and other. 

We think and work like journalists and are able to confidently develop a story and hand it over to a journalist and get great results.  

We don't waste time meekly sending our press releases, of which 99% are deleted by the journos.  

We develop great ideas and stories and we call the individual journalists and pitch to them.  

That is how we get outstanding results, consistent, major media coverage in high profile Australian and international media. 


Work With Us

Do You Want Results? Great Results?

If you'd like to get massive media coverage then we can offer you a strategic media campaign targeting Australian and, if desired, international media. And for a fee that is a fraction of an advertising budget.  

Upon your hiring us we will have a phone conference with you to establish your current positioning, objectives, audience/customer profile and more.  We will establish your issue identification, misperceptions, points of differentiation, etc.

We will then develop a campaign plan which will outline the strategy, target media, key messages and other elements. Photography is undertaken, media material is written and media training is scheduled if required.

When all this is finalised we then commence pitching to media.  You will receive weekly updates, regular feedback reports on media interest and monthly reports.  

We require a minimum six month commitment with a preference for 12 months.  We advise our clients that they should expect to commence seeing media coverage around the fourth week.  

We work fast and hard.  We are determined and we get the coverage. 



Home Improvement is the next Brighte Idea


The Australian 9 October 2019

Mike  Cannon-Brookes-backed energy finance group Brighte is making a concerted  push into the $35bn Australian home improvement sector, as it seeks its  next leg of growth and targets a $1bn loan book. 

Brighte  chief executive and founder Katherine McConnell said the lender, after  closing its fourth equity capital raising, was moving into the personal  loan market and financing home renovations.

“It  (buy-now-pay-later energy finance) translates very well to the home  improvement category,” she said, referring to the size of one-off  purchases such as pools and patios.

“A lot of the characteristics of the sale are the same.”

So  far, Brighte has focused on signing up retailers and other vendors to  provide consumers finance for purchasing solar panels and home  batteries. It will use a similar approach in the broader home  improvement sector.


TV Ratings October 7: Block Courtyard reveals audience close to 1m


The Block revealed the outdoor courtyards with Jesse and Mel winning, as teams worked out how to finish their properties with zero funds remaining. 

Mitch and Mark have  some cash left, but they don’t sound like they are about to keep  helping any of the other teams. 

The Monday audience was 979,000, well  ahead of 10’s new champ The Masked Singer and well up on The Block from Monday last week on 806,000.

New Property program "Your Domain" to Launch on Channel 9


One of Australia’s most popular property destinations, Domain, is coming to television with its own dedicated program Your Domain.

Launching on Saturday September 7 at 10.00am on Channel Nine, Your  Domain will be hosted by Shelley Craft and Chris Kohler - perfectly  timed to debut at the start of the Spring selling cycle.

Your  Domain will focus on everything you need to know about property this weekend and will tap into our nation’s ongoing obsession with property.  Regardless of whether the audience are buyers, sellers or renters, Your Domain is anticipated to become a must-watch guide to understanding the  property market, according to Domain CEO, Jason Pellegrino.

Pellegrino said Your Domain is the next stage in a strategic partnership with Nine, and builds on the TV presence Domain has established through its successful sponsorship of The Block.

The content will cover a wide array of topics with a strong focus on  everyday Australians. This includes localised property news, lifestyle  tips and tricks, Domain Research House market analysis, real-life case  studies, and even the opportunity for ‘sellers’ to feature on Your Domain, according to Nine’s Managing Director of Partnerships, Lizzie Young.

“The launch of Your Domain is our first major initiative post Fairfax  merger that really highlights the unique position we have with the  combined strength of Nine and Domain’s assets.

The Block Rates Number 1 With Whopping 1.12 million viewers


TV Ratings August 18: The Block ranks #1 ahead of Australia's Got Talent and Survivor - August 19 2019 

Channel 9 had a massive Sunday network share of 39.2% with the primary channel on 22.4% and 9Gem on 11.0%.

It was the luxury living reveals on The Block which helped pull the biggest audience of the season and its first night over 1m – 1.12m. 

That’s up from 995,000 a week ago.

House Rules Channel 7


Sunday night sees both The Voice and House Rules hit series highs

June 3, 2019

Both Nine’s The Voice and Seven’s House Rules hit series highs on Sunday night, delivering a competitive night in television.

While  Nine took the primary channel audience share with 23.9% over Seven’s  21.7%, Seven edged on top in the network share, holding 31.7% over  Nine’s 30.3%.

House Rules also saw a series high last night with 805,000 metro viewers tuning in. It premiered to 782,000 in April, airing after the finale of My Kitchen Rules and delivering a 29% jump from the 2018 premiere figure of 607,000.

Home Improvement market grows to over $45 billion in twelve months


According to Geoff Dart of DCG Advisory The Home Improvement market grew by 3% over the past year to reach a  level of just over $45 billion. In terms of per capita usage, almost  $200 was spent for every person in Australia.

 Stimulating demand, introducing new and exciting products and  services, branding and positioning, focused channel strategies, improved  store dynamics, excellent visual merchandising, customer centricity,  embracing technology and best in class supply chains will be key factors  in retail and supplier success over the coming years.

• New housing approvals have increased for the past three years and  importantly converted into starts. An improving housing market (new plus  addition, alteration & renovation) will ensure a CAGR of 3% over  the coming decade.

• Continued rationalisation at retail, wholesale and supplier levels  will provide companies with clear growth plans and greater share of  their respective pies. Along with this is the opportunity to increase  profitability as well as revenue.

•Companies that wait for trends to happen and sit on the side-lines will be left behind.

• The Home Improvement market is fragmented, with the largest  generalist retailer with less than 18% market share. In terms of  specialists, Reece has a whopping 32% share of the plumbing and related  category, double the size of its nearest competitor and increasing the  gap.

• The industry is considered ripe for continued consolidation as  evidenced in the latter section highlighting acquisition and divestment  activity over the past eighteen months or so.

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